Indian Street Dentists
Meet Dildar Singh and Shankar. They set up their roadside stalls in rural Himalayan towns and villages and move from one street fair to another. 
Dildar Singh and Shankar posing in front of their makeshift dental clinic in Rohru Mela, about 100km from Shimla.
Portrait of Shankar, a multitalented street dentist. 
With no professional degree, they learnt the skill from their parents. 
They even perform root canal without anaesthesia in just one sitting of 20 minutes. 
People in the rural areas seeking quick and cheap treatment often seek their help. 
A new tooth costs about 4$ and they give a warranty of 1.5 years.
With many private clinics opening in rural areas and cheap healthcare in government hospitals, the number of street dentists is fading quite rapidly.

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