Lama Jamyang reading in the light of a solar powered lamp in his room in Komic Monastery in Spiti. Spiti sometimes experiences a power failure of more than a month in the winters and people rely on solar power for light.

Frequently asked questions

What camera do you use? 

I use a variety of cameras and lenses based on project requirements. You can visit this link for the equipment I own.

My Gear

Can I assist you?

Sure! For all my commercial projects, I require multiple assistants. So, you can send me an email with your speciality and an attached CV. I’ll get in touch whenever there is any requirement.

Can I purchase your work?

Yes, if you are a publication, you can purchase the rights to use the pictures through Getty, Alamy, Corbis and even my website with just few clicks. Contact me for any related questions.

Can I purchase a print for my personal use?

Yes, you can easily buy prints of pictures on this website and my Instagram page. Click here for details.

Have you done a photography course?

No, I am a self-taught photographer who graduated in Political Science instead. I learn’t photography through the internet.