Behind the Scenes – Kasha Pat Villages

In the Spring of 2017, I was invited to a small festival in Kasha village by Mr. Satyawan Saini, the Pradhaan of Kasha Pat Panchayat. Reaching Kasha meant walking for three hours from Poona village. ( I guess the road has reached Pat village now )

I’v posted a photo story on Life in Shimla website. Link Below.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures from my trip.

A new road was being built to these remote village. It had reached Poona village and from there you had to start the journey.
Before the hike to Kasha Path, we stopped for a cup of tea with Suresh Thakur and Satyawan Saini, our hosts. I was accompanied by Bharat Bhushan.
The debris from the road construction above, made the walking route even more difficult.
We were greeted by the friendly locals after reaching Pat village
Kasha village was still an hour away.
Finally we reached the forest guest house of Kasha village. Village was still a little far.
Forest Rest House, Kasha Village
The videographer in the festival we were invited to wore some beautiful traditional clothes.
Kasha villagers performing Naati dance, a local dance form where people hold each others hands and dance in circles.
Strolling inside Kasha village.
People of Kasha village.
We walked to another corner of Kasha village.
Snow covered mountains behind Kasha village.
Kids from Kasha village.
Kasha Pat Villages of Shimla
A lady from Kasha village.
We walked further ahead and met this old lady, who lived with her husband in isolation.
We were offered local Honey with Fafra, bread made of a superfood.
Kasha Pat Villages of Shimla
Mr. Satyawan Saini posing with a local.
Reaching back to Pat village.
This is Kolhu. A bull would walk around it to grind grains in the older days.
Reached Poona village, where we left the car.

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