Few pictures from our drive to Pangi

In early November we drove to Pangi valley via Kashmir and these are some pictures from our drive.

Day 1 – From Shimla to Kihar

Full day of driving from Shimla to Kihar in Chamba.

Pictures from Chamba, Himachal
Kihar, Chamba, Himachal
Day 2 – Kihar – Doda – Kishtwar – Killar

We entered Doda district via Padri Jot and then crossed the beautiful region of Kishtwar. After Kishtwar, the roads had multiple landslides till Gulabgarh. From there we reached Ishtiyari and then crossed the famous 5-7km patch of the most dangerous road in the evening. That was a real challenge. I even checked out www.itsaboutjustice.law/personal-injury-attorney/ for a personal injury attorney just in case.

Pictures from Pangi Valley
Snow clad mountains of Padri Jot just before entering Jammu and Kashmir from this remote border with Himachal.
Pictures from Kishtwar, Kashmir
The dangerous patch of road after Ishtiyari in Kishtwar, Kashmir. No trucks and busses run on this patch and you have to drive through multiple waterfalls. Monsoon would be the riskiest time to drive on this road. The road is steep, slushy and narrow.
Day 3 – Pangi Valley

Woke up to witness the beautiful Pangi valley. Drove up to Hudan Bhatori village while hearing recent stories about local ‘Rakshas’ that live in the caves nearby. It started snowing when we reached there. The weather got better in the evening.

Pictures from Pangi Valley
View from Killar village of Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
After a day of grazing, the livestock is taken back to the village. 
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Portrait of a lady from Hudan Bhatori village of Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Hudan Bhatori village of Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
The weather got clear in the evening.
Day 4 – Killar – Kishtwar – Doda

We woke up with fresh snowfall in Killar. Staying there would risk getting stuck in Pangi valley, so we decided to drive back. Crossing the Ishtiyari patch in snow was quite an experience. The snow intensified in Ishtiyari but we safely reached Gulabgarh where it was converted into light rainfall. The day ended in Doda district.

Pictures from Pangi Valley
If you look closely, you will see a tiny white sumo on the road. 
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Landslides are common on Paddar-Kishtwar road. 
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Pictures from Pangi Valley
Day 5 – Doda to Kihar

We started early and reached Bhadarwah. We found that Padri top had two feet of snow and the road was blocked. We also heard that there was a JCB clearing the way, so we took a chance and were the first one to move ahead on that road that day. We saw the JCB returning back but after a short talk, they agreed to clear the way to Chamba. So we followed it. JCB operators, Ajay and Rahman deserve a special mention here for helping us reach Chamba that day.

Pictures from Pangi Valley
Ajay and Rahman clearing the way for the only car that reached Chamba from this road that day. 
  • Jagdeep

    Absolutely Gorgeous Pics Himanshu ! I see the Car you did this trip is a Renault Duster !
    was it a 4 WD ? Can a Nissan Terrano 2WD take up this trail ?

  • Himanshu Khagta

    Thanks! Yes of-course. Avoid traveling during monsoons. The climb up to the dangerous patch is steep and slippery. 4WD in a duster is not worth mentioning. It is just for the name.

  • Dr. Anil Gupta

    Dear Mr. Khagta the more i see ur pics firmer my belief becomes in the saying that some persons are born gifted. And we the rest of the mortals are gifted with persons like you. I do’nt have more words in my limited vocabulary.

  • Himanshu Sharma

    Very nice Himanshu. Real joy of travel is in remote wilderness. Coolness of your pics feels refreshing and healing.

  • Thanks himanshu such a great post because you have just posted real life of farmers

  • Hello.. Himanshu
    Some points i want to ask you… XUV 500 two wheel drive is ok for this road ? Because Bad roads + Inclination makes things worse.

    2nd thing is your images are extraordinary. What camera lense did you use ? Is their any photo editing effects ?


    That is one of beautiful place.

  • Himanshu Khagta

    It sure is.
    Thanks for your time. 🙂

  • Kanwaljit

    Mr.himanshu I just travelled leh from chandigarh via kaza on my car santro zing.can I also go pangi and kishtwar on the same car?

  • Himanshu Khagta

    Hello Mr. Kanwaljit!

    Hope you had a great experience.
    I highly doubt that a Santro will reach Pangi. You might be able to take it via Sach Pass, but don’t even try to take it via Kishtwar. The road is really bad. In fact there is not even a single car in Pangi. Also Sach Pass road is also really bad so I would definitely not recommend doing that.

  • Hie himanshu great job and my friends are amazed watching your video.

  • Himanshu Khagta

    Thanks a lot. Keep sharing 🙂

  • Premraj chauhan

    thanKing you for exploring pangi valley and best places around.

  • Himanshu Khagta

    Thanks a lot Mr. Chauhan!
    We’ll explore it even more in future

  • Deepam sehrawat

    Hey!! Beautiful pictures..
    i am planning a road trip from delhi to kishtwar-killar-sach pass-delhi on 22-23 july in innova crysta .
    A bit confused whether i should go or postpone it as this is a proper monsoon season . Any suggestions?
    Thank you 🙂

  • Ajay Bhargav

    lovely place

  • yogeshkumar

    hey where is the pangi valley… i thing the pangi valley is in near kalpa kinnaur district himachal pradesh..

  • Sakait Bansal

    Hi Himanshu!! Its a really beautiful place i must say!!
    Can u tell me some important things before i plan to travel there?

  • Himanshu Khagta

    Hi Sakait!
    Thanks a lot!
    For Pangi, just research a lot and be prepared for landslides as the road only opens when the monsoon starts. Also there are not many places to stay so won’t be a luxury tour for sure.

  • Himanshu Khagta

    Hi Yogesh!
    The Pangi you are talking about in Kinnaur is a village. Pangi valley is in Chamba district and Killar is its headquarter.

  • Himanshu Khagta

    Thanks a lot Ajay! It is indeed an amazing place.

  • Himanshu Khagta

    Hi Deepam!
    The road condition and status changes as per the weather conditions. It is advisable to contact the administration in Pangi to check the status few days before you plan. Innova Crysta is not a good car for those roads. Get something with a good ground clearance.

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