I am living in Spiti this winter

So here I am, after a solo drive from Kotgarh to Kaza, sipping green tea in the living room of my favourite property in Spiti, Sakya Abode. They receive a special mention because its the only hotel open in Kaza right now. Though the staff has left for their winter season in Goa, the owner Mr. Tsering Bodh is doing all the hotel chores.

I checked the outside temperature yesterday before entering the hotel. It was 1.3˚C and the wind was making it even colder. The locals believe it’s quite warm compared to the winters, when the temperature will drop down to -35˚C, the lowest recorded last year.

While driving to Kaza, I got a nice glimpse of the wild in Spiti. I saw two Red Foxes crossing the road and a female Blue Sheep (Bharal).


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I’ll stay here in Sakya till its open and then shift to a home with a chimney, to survive the extreme winters.

Workspace at Sakya Abode, Kaza, Spiti
Workspace at Sakya Abode, Kaza, Spiti

I’ll keep you updated via Twitter and Instagram.

Do follow my project ‘Life in Spiti’, to see how people survive the extreme winters. I’ll update the website live from Spiti this winter.

  • I might see you in winter there in Spiti, planning to visit this winter for few weeks.

  • Manabendra Gupta

    very nice

  • Arun Chawda

    beautiful background and timely captured face expression. i like this pic.
    Arun Chawda

  • narenrana

    welcome to spiti. From Narenrana kaza

  • Kartik

    Cant wait to see your pictures and the journal, still got a month to go there eh! Good going

  • […] the apple growing heartland of Kotgarh, where it was still warm, Himanshu somewhat tired from the long solo journey arrived at the gates of Hotel Sakya Abode, Kaza  on 31st October, 2014. Not yet winter but the […]

  • I was visit spiti since last October 🙂
    Really like to stay there for long term.

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