Life in Spiti – Website documenting Spiti Valley

Sometimes we arrive in unknown places and they feel like home. That is how I felt in Spiti. The valley is so silent and still, mostly cut off from the rest of the world. In these modern fast-moving times, it is rare to find oneself in such a place, which has no distractions.

The hospitality of the people of Spiti is amazing. The locals welcome you warmly into their homes, offering you cups of steaming chai and freshly cooked food, making you feel like one of their own. My travels in Spiti from one spectacular village to another were interspersed with incidents where the locals showered us with love. Everyday we came across acts of kindness. Despite the harsh terrain and extreme weather, people work hard relentlessly to sustain their families. Buddhism is the thread of life that binds them together. You can see
serenity in their faces and contented stillness in their eyes.

The peace, warmth and beauty of Spiti have inspired me to capture and document the extraordinary life in this valley. ‘Life in Spiti’ is a humble attempt from my side to do so.

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  • Hello dear friend ,

    i don’t know who you are but I really understand the way you feel about Spiti..Its pretty amazing .
    I like all your writing on this blog .. very impressive.

    I really hope you and me will meet in spiti ,in coming years

    I am visiting Spiti in coming September


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