When I wore bright colours for Allen Solly

Page from Allen Solly LookBook 2013 featuring Himanshu Khagta
Page from the ‘Allen Solly LookBook – Friday’ | Say hello to 14 web celebs whose lives bring a splash of colour to our world. They do not believe in being part of a grey scale world. These are people who have found jobs that are as unique as their personalities. From designers to TV presenters, their vibrant views are a true reflection of the spirit of our new collection. So, how did we manage to bring the internet’s most fresh opinionators together? By organising Offline Clique, an event where they got the chance to be styled in our new merchandise and do what they do best – give us their thoughts and opinions on the new collection.

Ever since I shared my picture wearing bright yellow shirt and green trousers, my friends haven’t stopped wondering. Why am I wearing such clothes? I normally don’t wear bright colours, so I have been getting many compliments since morning. The best and my favourite one was from my friend Itika Gupta, who said, “You look like a Mango Tree!”. Thank you Itika.

So this blog post is for my friends who are still wondering, how I landed in Allen Solly’s LookBook and will answer the most common questions I have been asked throughout the day.


I accepted the invitiation by Allen Solly to be a part of their Offline Clique Event. Swetha, from Allen Solly, emailed me and later called me to explain everything in detail. She told me that they would be inviting 14 creative professionals including me and styling us in their new summer collection with 14 new shades and click our pictures while we enjoy ourselves.


What was the venue for the event?

Cheri One Qutub, a beautiful resturant right next to the Qutub Minar, Delhi.

You don’t like getting your pictures clicked. Why did you agree?

I welcome new experiences and also, the food was yummy and the people I met were awesome. I like getting out of my comfort zone. So I accepted the invitation. Also I had nothing to do that day.

How was it ?

Incredible! I would like to thank the team behind the event.

  • Core Team : Sahil Arora, Rajesh Lalwani, Neha Chandok, S Swetha, Ankit Mathur.
  • Makeup Artist: Shikha Taneja
  • Stylist: Atul
  • Photographers: Bhumi Ahluwalia and Simran Kapur.

Who else were your fellow models ?

Where can I download the LookBook?

You can use the following link to download a soft copy in PDF format.

A page from the Allen Solly LookBook 2013 featuring Himanshu Khagta
A page from the Allen Solly LookBook 2013 featuring Himanshu Khagta

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