Flight to Ladakh that landed in Kullu Valley

After spending half of my winters in Delhi, I realized that its not cold enough. So, I tried to book my tickets to the nearest Hill Station, Leh, the capital of the Ladakh region. Soon I found out that there were no flights for the day I wanted to leave, so I got tickets from Chandigarh instead. So now my journey time was increased by five hours and had join my friends from Kurukshtra as the bus journey takes five hours to reach Chandigarh.

Towards Chandigarh

So we reached Chandigarh airport on time but the check-in counters were closed. We waited. We had our breakfast and then we waited again. There were many flights being delayed because of fog at Chandigarh. The airlines soon sent me a text saying that even our flight was delayed for another hour. Meanwhile, the clock struck 10 and the commodities market opened. Both of my friends got busy in their cellphones and practiced their money making skills. Soon the passengers started getting anxious but we were busy in the ups and lows of the indices. The flight was further delayed for two hours. One of our friend canceled his plan to Leh and went home. After waiting for four hours. The check in counters were opened and we got our boarding passes at 2 pm. We waited again.  Finally, we boarded the plane at 2:30 pm and then started our journey to Leh.

The Great Himalayan Mountain Range at Ladakh in Winters (Himanshu Khagta)

Towards Leh

This is probably the most boring way to reach Leh. The best one is by road though Manali and Srinagar, but as the roads are all closed because of heavy snow on either sides. You have no other option then to make your journey by air. Soon we were above the fog and the clouds and could see an enchanting view of the mighty Himalayas. ( Even Air travel to Leh  has its advantage. ) Soon the excitement reached to another level when we heard the landing announcement. The plane takes a U turn and lands between mountains, so you have Spituk Monestry quite close to the plane. As far as I remember, on the right hand side . So we were ready to land. After few minutes when we were still hovering above Leh, the Pilot announced that he cannot see the runway and since the weather of Chandigarh is also below visibility, we’ll be diverting to Delhi Airport and reach in another 40 minutes.

A tired lady from Ladakh, takes a short nap in the bus in New Delhi. The flight got diverted and the family couldn't reach Leh. (Himanshu Khagta)

Towards Delhi

So, once again the adventure began. I started from Delhi and now I was going back to Delhi. I always end up in interesting situations, but that’s the fun of traveling. We reached Delhi where the airlines had arranged our lodging and gave us the boarding passes for the next flight to Leh. Next day also the flight got delayed and then finally it got canceled. One day was already wasted so without wasting any more time we changed our plans and drove all the way to Kullu for some amazing time in the Himalayas.

A lady weaving a Kullu Shawl in the backyard of her home in Kullu (Himanshu Khagta)

Here is a compilation of video and audio clips I recorded from the trip. I apologize for the horrible editing.


  • Interesting… That’s what adventure is all about.

  • Glad to see that few people are venturing into Ladakh during winters…

  • Himanshu Khagta

    We tried to. We’ll also try again this winter. Hopefully the plane will land.

  • hello! my regards to you – soad from libya .

  • Maneet

    Loved watching this video ! What an adventure …

  • Subham

    Nice snaps buddy but expected to see few more. Never the less it must be a thrilling experience…

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